School-Based Education

School imageCurrently, 1 in 4 women and 1 in  6 men in the U.S. will experience sexual assault in their lifetime.  Moreover, a 2007 Crime Victimization Survey conducted by the Muskie Institute found that 1  in 5 Mainers reported being a victim of rape or attempted rape   in their lifetime.

SARSSM’s education programs teach students and community members how to respond to and prevent sexual violence. All programs meet the Maine State Learning Results for health education. 

To meet these goals, programs are based on the understanding that sexual assault occurs on a continuum with bullying and teasing at the beginning of the spectrum, sexual harassment towards the middle and sexual assault at the far end. Our educational programming relies on this continuum to provide information to different age groups.

Our programs are age-appropriate and grounded in recent research on the issue of sexual violence in our culture.  Further, all of our programs inform students on the importance of getting support, if they are or have been the victim of any type of sexual violence.

School-based programs are offered K-12 and through the college level.



We encourage you to schedule your presentation at least two months in advance. To book a presentation please fill out this education request form and email to our education program manager at infosars [at] sarsonline [dot] org.  Please download the form to your desktop first before editing. Or call 207-828-1035.

Download our Prevention Programs Brochure here. Brochure


Free of Charge 

SARSSM is a non-profit organization, funded in part by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services and The United Way of Cumberland and York Counties. We will provide programs FREE OF CHARGE.

We welcome honoraria from schools and community groups who are financially able to pay.